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Lamp Failure Sensor do it yourself fix.

My girlfriend recently bought a 1984 Toyota Camry with 48,000 miles.
GOLD!!! The rear brake lights did not work. The seller told us that
the Lamp Failure Sensor was broken. I called Toyota and the part is
over 200.00 and takes weeks to order. I have found a miracle bypass
workaround for this sensor.

For a 1984 Toyota Camry (same bypass should work for any model) the
steps are as follows:

1. Find the sensor by following the trunk lid wires down to the
passenger side of the trunk wall. (near the tire jack). Find a orange
sensor (small box shaped object) and remove it.
2. Next pull back the wire coverings to expose the wires leaving the
lamp failure sensor going to the back taillights. You will notice that
there are only two wires leaving the lamp failure going to the
taillights. One wire, which is green/white striped, activates when the
pedal is depressed. The other, which is green/reddish orange striped,
activates then the lights are turned on at night. (your colors may be
different depending on the year) Cut these wires an inch and a half
above where they leave the sensor.
3. Next, there are a bunch of wires leading from the front of the car
going to the lamp failure sensor. (only two of which are important).
The Red/no stripe wire is activated when the pedal is depressed and a
green/no stripe wire activates when the lights are turned on at night.
4. To bypass this sensor:

Connect the red wire/no stripe to the Green/White stripe
Connect the green/no stripe to the Green/Reddish orange stripe

This will connect the front of the car to the back taillights
completely bypassing this idiotic sensor. It is strictly designed to
light up a signal on you dash letting you know if a tail light is
burned out. (My suggestions is to check your lights manually)

This is a do it yourself fix that can save you hundreds, you will love
yourself in the morning.

Good luck fixn' and congratulations for buying a Toyota, you are a


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Thank you so much for this helpful post. I have a '93 Camry Wagon that had non-functioning taillights. Eventually (after fruitlessly testing all the fuses/relays) I found the Lamp Failure Sensor and realized that was the problem, but didn't want to spend $200+ on a replacement. Then I came across your post, followed your advice, and now the taillights work. The wiring colors were exactly as you described, even on my '93.

Thanks again. You've saved me time and money!
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