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Larger Tires and Regearing?

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i just got my 94 4x4 pickup back from the shop after getting the clutch replaced. the mechanic mentioned that i'll probably end up wearing my clutch out faster than normal because i have larger tires on my truck. i've got the 22RE engine, with a new Altram clutch, and i'm running 31" mud terrains. the mechanic said that if i regeared, i should be able to eliminate the problem, and increase my fuel economy and power a bit. i've heard people talk about this, but neve in any detail.

i'm at stock gearin right now, what gearing should i go to? how much of a job is it? is it something i could do myself (i'm not a very experienced mechanic) or should i get a shop to do it? what would a ball park figure of cost be?
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Your mechanic is right, but it is not really worth it just for 31" tires, considering it's going to run you $1000-1200+.

With 31's the difference over stock tires isn't that great. People run 33" tires with stock gears/4 cyl/5 spd all the time. With 33's you're on the edge of needing to regear.
cool, that's good news. i'm not really anxious to dump another wad of money into this truck. on a side note, what's the verdict on the Altram clutch? the mechanic said it's a pretty solid clutch that will hold up to the basic off roading i do, as well as the standard driving.
How wide are your tires? Width contributes about as much to weight as diameter.
your clutch will last plenty long with just regular driving and the occasional offroad excursion. regearing is nothing you are in need of thinking about. like others have said, with your tire size, regearing would be a waste of money. unless you were planning on lifting the truck and gettin much bigger tires in the next short while. if you are keeping it the way it is, you are good to go with whatever you want to do with the truck

great, thanks for all the info guys. it's definitely some peace of mind knowing i don't have to worry about spending more money. :)
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