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Hello Everyone,
I am getting a overwhelming response from buyers already, for my still installed Yoko P 265/65/R17 Tires. I put them for sale on Facebook marketplace. I’m selling these to purchase BF Goodrich AT 3s. (They are $281 each, Expensive). Any other suggestions on tires? I’m new to all of this.
My other question is...
I want to keep the Factory 17 inch rims on my truck, but am also going to lift it 2 inches using the easy install blocks in the rear, and bolt on discs in the front. Any suggestions on manufactures for these? And, without having to trim anything at all, what is the largest size tires I can have installed. I want aggressive looking but do only street/highway driving. When I say largest I mean maybe only 1 inch wider, and as tall as I possibly can to fill in the wheel well diameter without having to worry about any rubbing?
I’m looking to have new tires installed this coming week so your feedback is crucial to me.
Thank you in advance for your answers
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