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Well I haven't been upto much w/ the car since I'm trying to sell it. I've decided not to repaint it. Since my last pic post I've added a keyless entry w/ remote start. I went this route since my car came w/ the factory alarm and keyless but the owner lost the remote. So this way my factory alarm still works w/ the new keyless system. Yesterday I finally got my "puddle lights". There on both sides of the car and can either come on w/ the door open or whenever I want. I really have it to work w/ the door though. Next week I'll be getting my reverse glow gauges and if all goes well an Alpine 11 Band EQ and BBE Sound Field Processor. Here are some pics of the puddle lights:

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thats kind of neat actually, I like the idea of having some lights on the ground when you open the doors- especially when your dome light is broken like mine :lol:
They are 4 LEDs for each side. Epsilon the local car store got in 2 of them and I got 1. You can do a search on the net though. Quite a few places sell similar kits. Heres a site thats popular among Scion people as well as otherswhere you can get it from:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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