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leaking convertible

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The top itself does not appear to have any holes and the leak is coming from the inside/interior of the car not the windows. The water leaks under the siding near the back passenger seats. The water pools in the body of the car and ends up seeping into the floor/foot area of the back passenger seats. I can see/feel where the water is going but i'm not sure whats causing it any clues to what's going on and how to fix it? I think something is clogged or some type of sealing is broken....
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Probably just the seal around the back of the convertible top arms is gone. Go get it checked out somewhere, but if it is a seal like that someone will have to take the headliner off and possibly take the top itself off the arms to reseal it.
Hey KDiaz, I know your post is pretty old. But as follow up, were you able to fix the issue?
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