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Leaking Trunk

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For the last year or so, I've been getting small amounts of water building up in my rear driver side quater-panel. From what I've read on the Camry forums, most people solved their problems by replacing the trunk gasket, which seemed logical considering that my car is 15 years old. I recently replaced this gasket, but the water buildup continued, so after spraying the car down thoroughly with water, I have managed to find out the location of the water leak on top of the pressure vent. BUT, even though I know where it's coming in, I'm not quite sure how to solve this problem.

where the water builds up:

the water trail leading to it:
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Looks to me like the seal around the vent is failing. If it was me I would hit the wreckers to see if you can find a better one. Failing that, get creative and use something from the weatherproofing section at the hardware store. They sell flexible putty like strips sometimes called "crack seal" which will work pretty well. You could also use a polyurethane sealant, but not the best solution because removing the vent for any reason would be difficult or impossible.

edit - that's a nasty environment for rust to breed, I would clean that up with soap and water, then something like CLR to further clean it. Then spray it down with a rust preventive oil and leave it like for a while, it will drive the moisture out. I use this product it works really well.

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Could use a gasket maker or RTV sealent. If you would have to remove it its easily cut with a knife. Clean down the area and all that good stuff before you apply it, of course.

If you cant solve that, you could paint the inside of your trunk, and put a drain hole that the lowest point :cool: Perhaps lube it up with a thick oil or wax to really run that water. But sealing the leak is the preferable alternative.

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I'm considering buying a new vent since that corner of the car was hit in a crash my sister had about 2 years ago, and the vent may be cracked itself. It seems that a new vent would include a gasket or seal with it since there's no separate part number for a gasket.
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