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So i have a 2008 Toyota Corolla S, I have recently bought a new exhaust system for it (typical guy, trying to sound cool). But i had fallen in love with the sound, even though its not much of a sound. I'm not very mechanical savy. But im wanting to learn. My goal is to beef this thing as much possible, to be able to take out onto a track and have some fun with it. I want to completely rebuild the engine bay, and somehow turn the car into all wheel drive. I don't know much about building cars as i stated before. But i would love some feedback on the steps i need to take in order to make these things happen.

My goal is to have at least 600hp. But more the merrier !

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Congrats on your purchase and welcome to TN. Please use maintenance stickies at the top for more info. Many gurus have contributed to the thread from oils to everything else that your car needs.

Monkey wrench racing is a good place to start. However, the site seems geared towards the group of people who knows what they need.

Suspension wise, coil overs are one of the most popular upgrades that many owners do first. Call it, getting rid of the wheel gap in the fenders. I have yet to own a set of coil overs. Please keep us posted on your plans.

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I advise you to finish school then buy a high performance vehicle.
Shots fired lol. but seriously let the guy dream. if you know what you're doing you can build a machine exactly the way you want it.

POWER PRIMER BY "dearthpika".
Daily Driver $50 - $3500
Step 1 - Injen CAI (AEM or E-bay w/ Blue bomber mod if you don't intend to continue to step 5 and beyond.)
Step 2- Exhaust - Magnaflow - RSR, something free flowing. TRD is not free flowing.
Step 3 - DD Performance Research Intake manifold with Q45 Throttle Body
Step 4 - Ceramic coated PPE race header with NO cat.
If you can't afford PPE then Ceramic coated ported stock header with decat
Step 5 - Lightweight flywheel

Weekend Warrior $3500 - $5500
Step 6 - Power FC w/ higher rev limit
Step 7 - Cams - piper stage 3s.
Ferrea or MWR valves and springs
Circuitworx oil pump gear
Underdrive pulley on alternator

Entry level race spec $5500- $9500
Step 8 - Ported & polished head
Bored out throttle body port matched to intake manifold
DD performance Research short runner Intake manifold port matched to head
Header port matched to head
Mahle 12.3:1 pistons
Polydyn or Swain ceramic coating on underside of head and valves & top of piston
Polydyn oil dispersant on crank and rods
A/C delete
Underdrive on water pump
Fuel Pump
MWR bearings
Head and block studs
Crower rods (lighter than stock)

Serious Race spec $9500 - $16,500
Step 8 - Custom Race spec Intake manifold (ITBs optional)
Carillo rods
lightened crank
13.0:1 or higher CR wiseco pistons
Darton / MWR sleeved block
Custom CAI / air delivery system

Pro race / Baller
Step 9 - MWR Dry Sump
Lighweight clutch disc and pressure plate
Electric Power Steering conversion
Custom Electric water pump
Titanium Valves, retainers & keepers
Titanium Rods
Custom race header with Burns collector and straight through titanium exhaust or open non merge

awd drivetrain from celica GT4 into ae101 corollas is popular because they have independent rear, which gives you a place to mount your diff, the 9th gen is a dinosaur. You'd probably need to modify the frame to mount a diff. You would need to find parts from other awd car(s) to make it all work, and do a whole bunch of custom fabrication. Awd needs solid power are you gonna use the stock 1zz to power it?? if not then what? I can already tell you - 3sgte at this point you see it has become a totally different car with a 9th gen shell.
look up AWD Fensport corolla/celica

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Drivetrain wise, in order to get awd into a fwd setup will require lots of fab. The Honda crowd uses the civic wagon but fits best in the del Sol or civic hatches.

May need to source the all trac setup in the Corolla wagons from the 80's or all trac from the Camry 88-90. Fab will still be needed since the floor in the 9th gen is flat. Could possibly use the vibe/matrix awd but this wasn't designed to handle gobs of HP. More torque. Good luck though.
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