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led light bulbs in 2008 sequoia

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anybody have success putting led lights in the brake/parking lights??

i put putco 7443 red led lights in.

first i noticed my mid brake light stayed on at half brilliance, when the lights or parking lights were on. step on brake full brilliance. thought to myself, cool :)

but then, all hell broke.... the whole dash board lit up.

every warning light on the dash went off.

i installed load resistors and did everything correctly.

i can live with the middle brake light being on, but NOT all the warning lights on the dash.:headbang:

if anybody can help, please chime in.


ps , if i put the factory bulbs back in, there is no problem.
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I think it would have to do with the amount of watts the LEDs use. They use less than regular bulbs and maybe that's what's causing it? Defective LEDs maybe? Just throwing some things out there....

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What is a SACK bulb?
IMPORTANT! The SACK bulb is designed for special applications commonly found on Toyota vehicles like the Camry, 03-08 Corolla, and all Tundras. If you have a standard socket and try installing this bulb may cause a dead short and blow your fuse or will not light on the parking element.

i dont know what it is, i'm just copy/pasting

thats why i'm asking about my original post. maybe after all my googling and researching i'm answering my own question:lol:
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