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I finally had time to mod the passenger side switches thanks to a cold, after the great success following the thread on "how to by Jzack" on the driver side. First let me say if you decide to attempt this you should have some background doing this type of stuff. The first pic is the passenger side switch/trim plate removed from the vehicle. This plate comes out the same as the drivers side. This was done on my 2002 HL

The next pics shows the trim plate with the switches removed. "Note" the switches on the pass side pop out they are not screwed in.

At first I thought the mod wouldn't work on this side but further examination shows that the switched do not rest against the plate and there is enough room for this to work. However it requires a little more drilling Dremel comes in handy. I found my place for the green and red then drilled. Due to the way the switches are made small port holes were required on the sides of the trim plate so the leads for the LED's could be reached. As same as the Drivers side I did follwing Jzack I used CA glue instead. I have experience with this and using accelerator speeds up the process and its safe with this type of material.

Next I wired the LED's up using (2) 220k resistors one for each -neg lead. I also
drilled holes though the plastic structural bosses that surround the switch mounts and used them as wire and resistor mount/guides.

Now with the switches installed

A couple of pics of the LEDS from the top.

A couple of pics hooked up to my 12v power supply to make sure they work LOL

Now to reinstall the switch my ground was a white wire/black stripe
and the 12v ignition was a blue wire/red stripe

I used different types of splicers than Jzack did but these work as good and don't run the risk of coming unplugged.

I am planning on doing the rear doors as well will post some pics of the finished job later.

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Yes - good job indeed. Thx for verifying there's power on that side too.

For your 2002, do you remember what color wire had the +12v switched on the DRIVER'S side? I think it's the same as your psngr side write-up? Blue/Red? I wanted to update my How-to posting and add that color code for older HL owners.

I'll post here when I do mine - but would assume the 2005 Psngr +12v switched line is like the driver side (yellow)...
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