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LED scanner help

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Hey guys i dont no how many of you have these but maybe you can help

I was installing my varad scanner today and it wasnt working correctly

Im not connecting it to an alarm so i just wired it to a switch but it wouldnt work but when i use a plug in inverter it works

What could be the problem

How did you wire it if you have one of these

Red wire - power
Blue - ? for alarm i think
Black- negative

What do i do with the blue with no alarm, i put it with the negative wire

any help?
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I'm pretty sure you dont connect anything to the blue wire if you're not using it with an alarm. Just connect the ground and power wires and it should work.
is the blue not like a remote turn on wire? try connecting it to a switched 12v line
i tried on a 12 volt, im gonna not hook up the blue and see what happens
whats that thing anyway never seen one???? Scanner as in police scanner?
nah led scanner, goes with alarms instead of just that lil red light, its a plastic light strip as in the pic at begining of the thread

just a cool lighting affect
oh so its just for show????? Crazy people!
its also supposed to be a theft deterrent, cuz its original intent was to hook it up with their alarms.
ok i re did it the blue is negative and blue must go to ignition if used with an alarm

Does anybody have any help besides comments on this
Yeah take it backkkkkkkkkk
drewscam said:
ok i re did it the blue is negative and blue must go to ignition if used with an alarm

Shouldn't this be in the audio/video security?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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