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LED strips as parking lights.

I decided to do this today.

I wanted them only as parking lights, not DRL's because LED strips are not really bright enough in the daytime.

These fuction as my only parking lights. My park/turn bulb is just turn now, and I removed the little bulbs in the side of the lights.

At night these are very bright. No more amber at all. Waterproof.

List of parts I used.

(1) Waterproof Side Emitting LED Light Strips - Outdoor LED Tape Light with 18 SMDs/ft., 1 Chip SMD LED 335 Cool White

(2) End Caps for SE-WFLS Waterproof Flexible Light Strip

(1) Power Connectors for SE-WFLS Waterproof Flexible Light Bars - Male and Female Power Connectors

(1) WFLS-GL1OZ 1 oz. Waterproof Sealant Tube Light Strip Glue

(1) 3M Adhesion Promoter

(1) 3M Moulding Tape

and some heat shrink tubes, extra 20 gauge wire.

1. Cut the 1 LED strip in half. This is the exact amount you need for each Headlight.

2 Fill each end cap up with glue and stick them on the open Ends of the LED strips.

3. Remove front bumper, use the adhesion promoter on the bottom of the headlight and on the bottom of the strips.

4. Mount the LED strips to the headlight about 1/4 inch inward and upside down, using the 3M tape.

5. Wire the negative of both LED's to a ground.

6. Wire the positive of both LED's to the middle wire of the PARK/TURN bulb, which you will cut.

7. Done. Your park/turn will just function as turn, and the LED's will be your parking lights.

The LED strips will look like this when you stick them on.

Daytime ( Much Brighter In Person) Headlights on full "ON" position.

Night. ( Hard To Capture )

When off you can barely see them.

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