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threads will be hi-jacked
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thought it may be a good idea to start a thread that lets everyone post what there future mods are, or any ideas that haven't been tried.

my future mods:
donahoes to replace the revtech
dakar leafs to replace rear blocks
cb radio
pa system
dual exhaust
n-fab steps weld ons
clear corner mod, or black headlight. dont know which will look better
2 12" subs behind the backseats
warn winch
shrockworks winch bumper
taco tunes door speaker mounts, new door speakers
--modin' stops when the truck stops:D

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Clean up my audio install
URD Cat Back Exhaust
URD MAF Calibrator, Wideband and AFR Gauge
New Tires
HID Projector Retrofit

URD Supercharger Kit
IPT Valve Body Upgrade
Map ECU/Map ECU2

threads will be hi-jacked
811 Posts
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JackoOnMyBacko said:
wut kind of 12inch subs were you guys thinking of?
i was thinking JL's or kicker's im just now gettin' into all that audio stuff so i dont know

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Upcoming mods:
Dakar rear leafs
Donahoe coilovers
Donahoe UCA's
Alpine iDA-X001 deck
Illuminated 4x4 dial
Rims & Tires

that should hold me over for about a month

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URD TCAI is on its way!!

Luminics Titanium White headlamp bulbs
Luminics JDM Yellow foglamp bulbs
Color-matched grill surround
Color-matched door edge guards
GrilleCraft MX Series
Westin Bull Bar - chrome
New HU
Subs + Amp + Capacitor + Wiring + Box
New speakers (6)
Bed mat
Viper antitheft/remote start

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I select from BB's shopping cart the dual battery, and custom rear bumper with swing gate, and I'll add to that the possible addition of maybe a new set of Alcan leafs with more payload then my Deavers and maybe the addition of a set of BFG 255/85 16 MT's, a front locker and 4.10 or 4.56 gears. After that I'm done,..... well maybe, I could always go for a snorkel, a nice set of Corbeau Seats, and maybe some added belly

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  • Shrockworks bumper and winch
  • driving lights for bumper
  • synthetic rope for winch when I get it
  • Diamonback SE bed cover (to replace BakFlip)
  • Light Racing or DR coil overs (replace toytec spacer)
  • Dakar or deaver leaf pack (replace AAL)
  • On board air
  • air horns
  • sliders
  • slider adapter for Hi-Lift
  • rear bumper (once I find one I like)
  • Seth's Gator-Saver
  • Underbody LED kits for use as rock lights (and so wifey can see when getting out) and under bed rails to light up the bed
  • heated mirrors
  • dual battery setup (thinking odyssey and a yellowtop)
  • second job to pay for the mods :ugh3:
  • and another child seat :lol: (that'll be #3.... I'm so out numbered... all girls)
uhhhh..... I think that's it for now... lol Got a long way to go! :D

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A few things I like to add on to my ride, Bull Bars, Tube Steps, Bed Cover, Bed Mats, New Tires.
Any feedback would be helpful on what type and brand should I get. My first truck. Thanks!

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Is this too unrealistic for the future of my truck? Minus the paint job and bed PLUS a full exo and 4 linked rear:


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I am in mid process. Just installed TRD CAI (Yesterday)
Tomorrow will be 3inch toytec lift with 885 coils.
Someday... TRD exhaust, wheels and tires, Alpine W200 or whatever is in alpine line up at that time. Compustar Pro P2W900FMRC

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Haven't really decided in what order:
Donahoe UCA
TRD Exhaust (tip powder coated black)
Upgrade my air filter (haven't decided which yet)
Blacked out headlights
Blacked out emblems
Front window tint
Added D Rings
Upgrade stereo

This should keep me busy and my wallet empty for a while.
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