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Let me Introduce myself.

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Hi guys. I used to lurk on TN years ago when I was in college but my old username wasn't functioning so I made up this one. My toyota truck with the 22re was my first car @ 16 and she was my daily driver for almost the next 10 years. I abused her and threw everything I could at her and she was more dependable than any woman I dated ;). I went through the phase of buying her rims, modding her, and hooking up the soundsystem. I have done most of the non major work on this truck myself over the years even though I had a great mechanic that did the major work (very little). Since then, I have bought a new tacoma and new car but something inside me misses driving her. :lol: :lol:
So, I decided to do some work to her and restore her to her old reliable glory. She has 390K miles, so she is finally broken in ;). Over the past few months, I have been working on her and even though I have few problems left, I am looking forward to finishing this project and hopefully sharing some pics of the final result.
Looking forward to getting to know you guys.

I live by Gainesville FLorida, so if anyone is from there then send me a pm :).
Just to let you guys know... I use the search option before making posts ;).

Thanks! :)
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Hey man welcome back to TN! and welcome to the Truck section.
welcome back, glad to hear ur still runnin with toyota's.
Welcome back... Looking foward to some pics
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