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Levin AE101 4a-ge 20v, quad silver

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Ok, i done something really stupid. :hammer:
I went out and found my new car. really nice, really quick (Compared to my old toyota corolla 1994 *AE82*) :D

But it has Super Strut suspension :disappoin , and i think the front right ball joint is completely shot.
and theres this tonk coming from the back.

Firstly, i need to know if there is away to test the ball joints to see if they are shot, and also is it only the front that gets this problem.

Secondly, is there away to change the suspension to a better less.... ball joint chewing type, and also.

Thirdly, how do i tell if the AC is low on pressure?

and my last question, i just finished installing an alarm system, F2000, fusion alarm, i has a relay that can disconnect the starter soleniod (or what eva) now i know what it is. but i cant find which wire to tap to disable it from inside the car.

Any help would be really cool, ta.
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Ok, in answer to your questions:

1. You can pull the ball joints off the struts, and play with them... if they are hard, then they are generally shot. If they have a fairly soft feel to them, they should be good. I'm not too sure if it is only the fronts that have this problem (I only have SS on front, MacPherson on rear)

2. The SS aint too bad... gives you a better feel on the Corollas, but if you are hell-bent on changing them, go with the MacPherson type strut that came on all of the other AE101/2's. Oh, and if you do change... can i have your rear super struts? :D I'll even swap you my complete set for your complete set ;) The only disadvantage with that, is you have to get the calipers and rotors from the front and the drums on the back as they are mounted differently.

3. It will blow hot air. Take it to the a/c specialist for that.

4. It will be behind the ignition barrel, cant tell you what colour it is, coz my car is in getting an alarm installed. Will let you know when i get my book back (tis in the car).

Hope this helps.
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Ta, i helps, i was told by someone to completely avoid super strut cos of the whole eating ball joints like candy thing.. but if you say its good, i might look at just throwing new joints in. i mean, if i pull on the well it move and my mechanic father told me to get the joint replace asap...

I forgot to mention i havent got a clue what type of plugs are in there. what are the best? also, what type of oil should i use, i did an oil change and im using... that stuff... magnatic. but i was told to go to protec... also, i have this... tinking coming from the engine... i dont remember dropping dinner forks in there, (Dont ask) but yeah, i think my father said the hydrolic lifters are flipped...

And completely randomly subject changing... *BLINKS*

Where about in perth do you live?
I lived in greenwood for like 4 years. Those years rocked! but i moved back here.

Did they ever fix hilary's boat harbour?
The plugs come standard with Denso Platnum (Iridium) plugs. Theyre good... i just recently changed to NGK Irridiums coz they easire to track down. As for the Super Strut, they can have a habit of chewing ball joints, yes, but they have a much sportier feel to them, even as stock. I used to use Castrol too (used to be sponsered by them in my rally days), but just recently changed to a Penrite Pedigree semi-synthetic, which is a bit better for the engine.

As for the pinging, have you tried a higher octane fuel first? the 20v's demand 100RON, so regular unleaded wont cut it. If you have it in kiwiland, BP Ultimate is 98 and stopped the pinging of mine.

As for which part of perth i live in, i actually live in Willetton. Tis ok.. jus here while i'm looking for a job in Albany. Hillarys is being worked on atm, has been for a while... But then, thats the Government for you :rolleyes:
Hmmm, i think i'll hunt some more ball joints down.

Im still running on 91, which is oct91, when it gets close to empty, i'll through 98 in.
theres your kitchen fork.. im supprised it doesnt sound like you got the entire drawer in there :lol:

Let us know how it goes.
I think i forgot to mention that as the engine heats up the noise isnt there from cold, and then is after it heats up. :mad:

I dont know if its damaging the engine. but yeah.
Found my brakes work really well! :)
On top of that when the clatch engages, i've noticed that theres a pull in the steering wheel. do you get this?

the brakes ought to work really well, they got oversized rotors and duel piston calipers on them.

The pulling on the wheel: thats not normal. That sounds like one of a few things:
1. Ball Joints, which you are replacing anyway.
2. Tie rod Ends.. these can cause a pull if they are going/gone.
3. The problem we had on my Bro's AE86 - It was missing a bolt from the suspension assembly and caused it to do exactly the same thing that is happening there. Check and tighten all bolts on the steering and suspension assembly.
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