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levin vs sedan difference

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i was looking at the ae92 levin(fixed headlights), and the front looks very familiar to the sedan in north america. Is it just me or are they the same? headlights, grille, fenders and hood. Inter-changeable?
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yeah bro they are interchangeable although good luck trying to get your hands on the parts lol, although im pretty sure the hood would fit with some slight moding. what people really go after are the bumpers (trueno or sprinter, but levin bumpers won't fit).
I'm not trying to bash on you ^ but if you don't know for sure please don't give your assumptions as fact.

Nothing body part related from any ae92 coupe(2 door) jdm, edm, or usdm will bolt-on any ae92 sedan(4 door).
^ That's not a LEVIN grille, but a real LEVIN badge on a jdm ae92 wagon or another version sprinter grille (I believe).

The AE92 sedan (4 Doors) can only fit any 4 door AE92 body parts like Sprinter bumpers, Sprinter grille (S grille), the wagon-face (sealed beam lights, rids the bumper filler), etc... Anything LEVIN is all for the 2 door AE92 (the GTS/ SR5).

I bought LEVIN headlights; Though they look similar to factory headlights on 4 doors, they are longer (for the internal fogs) and designed to sit lower. Can't compensate unless you cut some plastic and drille some holes. Same with the grille for it and corner lamps... My levin headlamps are just sitting around collecting dust.
That link you posted I shall break down:

Hood scoop is from a levin/trueno but bolted onto a sedan hood.

Front bumper is a fx 3 door bumper.

SCT explained the grille already.

side skirts are from a gts/levin/trueno and they will bolt onto a sedan but as you can see in the pics without modification you cannot open the rear doors.

The rear bumper lip I have no idea what that is from.

And I don't know how to convert ps into whp but if its close to whp that guys dreaming if he thinks that he has any where near 180whp.
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wouldn't rain flood the intercooler/aftercooler when it's raining out? i mean, the air scoop is gullible to rain when you're driving on the highway or something, right?
The intercooler core looks just like your radiator so some rain could pass through the core but would just evaporate when it got to the engine.
And I don't know how to convert ps into whp but if its close to whp that guys dreaming if he thinks that he has any where near 180whp.
To convert ps to hp, I think you multiply by 0.98632
So 180ps would be 177.5hp. That still seems pretty high.

One ricer's dream is a real car guy's nightmare... :yikes: :lol:
One ricer's dream is a real car guy's nightmare... :yikes: :lol:
So true, so true.

And Donald thanks for that bit of math, yeah I don't see how he gained 47hp at the crank from a set of cams and bolt-ons. Have you been watching that thread on club4ag about the 170whp 7age lately? I think the current owner is going to dyno it with itb's.
i just dyno'd 167WHP yesterday at 88F (hot day) with my STOCK 1st gen 4afte [email protected] BITCHES!!!!!!!!

oh and from what i've been told to add to 4doorGTS: the coupes front-end is slightly longer (radiator core-support to front bumper is longer) so nothing fits (fenders, hood) it really sucks...

but if anybody has advice i do need to replace my entire front-end and i was hoping to avoid totally stockish...
post a link!!!
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