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First of all... Hi everyone, I'm new here, I've had Several Camry's in the past including an SV21 Wagon, an SV21 Ultima sedan and a 1998 Vienta wagon (Still have but it's been dead for a while) I might be inheriting an XV20 wagon, and I'll probably be swapping over whatever useful parts from the V6 Vienta to the 4cyl wagon. Although, I went to a local wrecker today to have a look at a few things, and I spotted an ES300 sedan and I liked the centre console/armrest... Even though the interior of this particular car was trash, it made me think that I might like to "UPGRADE" a few parts if possible. Does anyone have any pointers? or are there common parts that are Direct and easy swaps that would give my basic Camry a Lexus look and feel? I ask because I can't leave any car I have stock, I need to do something, but because of my health, my mods can't be as extreme as they used to I'm just thinking cosmetic things really but will consider just about anything. Thanks Guys
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