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lexus es300 question

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my mother in law has a 96 es300 and the reverse is pretty much toast. The fwd however works fine. The fluid does not look good or smell good. My question is how much do rebuild trannys usually go for? Should i even bother changing fluid? Any help would be much appreciated.
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If the fluid looks and smell bad, try doing a complete flush or a drain and fill. If the reverse does not work, then maybe you should have it diagnosed to see what's wrong. If you want to rebuild the tranny, then I'd recommend just replacing it w/ a used low milege tranny. It'll save you possibly thousands depending on where you go. Is the fluid full on the tranny? Sometimes this may cause a car not being able to move at all.
I am going to change the transmission fluid and see if it helps at all. How much fluid is it supposed to take for just a drain and fill? I dont have any manuals on hand
A drain and fill uausally takes 2 quarts. I'm not sure about the ES, but I'm very sure it's the same. If you change the fluid make sure it's toyota type IV fluid. Buy it from toyota, it's cheaper than the lexus dealers and it's exactly the same thing. I paid almost $6 a quart at lexus and only $5 at toyota.

If you want more help, try looking up this website There are alot of ES drivers there and may be able to help you. I hope that helps!!:thumbup:
ok got everything i need except the hex bit thats needed to take the drain plug out. Anyone know what size that is? The bits i have are all too small and i am going to go buy one tomorrow.
The hex size is a 10mm and it didnt help its runs basically the same. No revers or extrememly slight. I guess its time to go find a used one or get this one rebuilt :sosad: Anyone know of a good rebuild shop in la?
I don't live in L.A., but you can try calling or e-mailing taprecycling. They have only toyota/lexua/scion vehicles. Last time they quoted me $1500 for a complete engine and tranny for my 92 sc400. It's not that there were something wrong w/ my car, it's just that I was curious how much it would cost. They might be able to offer you a good price.

Their website is

I hope that helps.
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