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Is the Lexus IS a good car to purchase or not? I've heard mixed things.
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my girlfriend's family recently got it...2 days ago...they got the IS250 AWD.
pretty peppy for the AWD, although i did not drive it too much and did not
want to mess it up.

it is quite luxurious with all it's ammenities. very quite and smooth ride.
personally find it a little small in the back seat...but that's my personal preference.
trunk is decent. everything feels solid about the car though. it feels like it's made right.
from the think sound of closing the door, to the super quiet interior even at highway speeds.

driven the new BMW 3 Series, and i think it can't compare in terms of what it has to offer.
again though, not sure about performance wise...but quality is what i am getting at here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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