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As some of you people know, i work in a giftshop in a hotel. In my spare time i check out the magazines that we recieved and in the new edition of Newsweek (Dec. 19, 2005 w/ the G.Bush pic) there are 2 pages (70-71) in which Toyota talks about CALTY and TTC. In one of those pages, there are 2 designers crafting a Lexus LF-C model out of clay. It looks real nice and it might make people go back to the page to get a good look at it because out of curiousity. I know i caught 2 guests going back to that same page and one of them saying that Toyota finally made a nice looking car. It is also on the new Time magazine, same date, in pages 134-135. I dont have a scanner but i just thought i'd share.

C. Morales
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