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LF: Rear Bump for 2004 Camry LE

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My mom got dinged pretty hard while parked at the airport. The bastard took off and didnt leave any contact info.

She wants to get it fixed. Instead of her wasting tons of money at a shop, Im going to do it for her.

So the search begins. Im looking for a REAR BUMPER that will fit a 2004 CAMRY LE. I dont know much about the Camry, so im not sure which years may fit. Please post if you know.

If you have something, please EMAIL me at [email protected] (I wont be visiting the forum too often). Im located in TORONTO and am willing to travel.

Thanks in advance,
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check junk yards...there's a big place east of Toronto called Dom's it's just off the 401 in Courtice (hour east of Toronto) take the Courtice road exit, turn left (pretty sure it's left, i can check tomorrow i'm fairly close) on Baseline Rd.

i'll look up the phone number for you if you want to call..better than wasting gas driving out here if they don't have one. i'll post it later or in the morning.
Dom's Auto Parts Co Ltd

1604 Baseline Road West, Courtice, ON L1E 2S5
Telephone : 905-434-4566

there you go..hope this helps.
EBAY from time to time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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