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LI Corolla's? & Vpower...

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Hi outta curiousity has anyone ordered from Vpower? I made my order May 11th of this year, for the AEM Intake... I've called 2 times already last time... bout 2 weeks ago he told me it'd be sent on Thursday of that week... but still nothing... aack I dunno what to do but I ordered it along with the air bypass... and I am going away on vacation soon, and I'd like to have it put in b4 then... dah any pointers?

Anywhoo... does anybody who has a Corolla on this forum live on Long Island? And if so... do you want to meet up on DPA sometime? check out well hope to see more Corolla's around...
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I live on long island. I have a 2004 le. will eventually add s/c and exhaust but need money first lol
Hey, since both you are in Strong Island why not come out to our meets?

Also is a good company yeah sometimes it takes a while to get stuff from them, but he is legit. Ask FalnFenix or Chris Corolla S also you may want to check out he owns that site and is a community for Rollas
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