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License plate lights

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Just discovered both of my license plate lights are out. Fuse information seems to suggest it's shared with other systems that I didn't notice being out. Assuming both bulbs went out, anyone replaced theirs before? I have the service manual which includes disconnecting the negative battery cable as part of replacing them, but I figured I'd ask you guys. =)
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it's pretty simple.

unscrew the screws, pull out the black bezels that hold the lights, twist the light housing out, pull out bulb, insert new bulb, then reassemble. shouldn't take more than 5 mins to change both.
Yeah, just did after looking at the car manual which said nothing about the battery. One of them's blown, the other one looks fine. Wonder if they're wired in... uh... all-or-nothing. Heh. Either way, trip to AutoZone in my future tomorrow.
No, the lights are not "wired in ... uh... all-or-nothing". They are wired in parallel, which means each has its own hot and ground, not series, which would be your " all-or-nothing". Page 118 of the electrical wiring book, fuse is 10A tail, as you guessed, it feeds other stuff, like your tail lights.

But two bulbs, they're cheap, once you have the lights apart.
Buy leds like these I have them in mine and love them. Super bright white like in the Lexus license plate frame lights.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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