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Hello everyone.

I've seen a lot of great advice passed along on this site and I hope someone has some advice for my questions as well. I've got an 02 TRD Xtra Cab and I want to lift it about 3 inches. Has anyone done this? Are there any great brands to consider? Any suggestions on what to look for in the lift kit? I'm still in college and don't have much cash so price is somewhat an issue, but I want to do this right.

I've seen a bunch online and most for this height are suspension lifts. I've seen two styles of add-a-leaf's, short and long. I'm tending towards long to make it a little softer of a ride.

Does anyone know what the difference is between front spacers that bolt to the top of the shock strut assembly like this EZ-Lift and spacers that install "in the coil" like the ToyTec lifts on Ebay? Which is better for the truck?

Why do some say I need a differential drop and some don't (above examples)?

If I have go with the add-a-leaf, do I need longer shackles for the rear? If they are two different methods, which is better for the truck?

Also, are my TRD shocks good enough to leave on there with any of these lifts or do I need something longer? I've got the yellow Toyota/Bilstein shocks from the TRD package.

Thanks for all your help.
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