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lift question...

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another question.

my truck has a 4" or so lift that I didnt put on it. Its stiff and doesnt flex too well. I don't want to go up much, maybe 1" of lift, because i dont want to lengthen my drivelines...but i want a softer ride, and more flex. i know theres the "longer" leafs..does anyone have any links to a STEP BY STEP deal on exactly what is needed to relocate the leaf hangers..I don't want it fucked up. I might also go to the local 4x4 shop and have them do it.

Any suggestion on springs?

i plan on putting some bilstein 7100 remotes on it instead of the shit shocks its got.

marlin, allpro, emu, trailtech?????

which one ..and i dont want much more lift...max like a total of 5 inches.

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Try looking around there, they have some pretty neet toyota tricks and that sort of thing
Check out they got leaf springs, and their pretty flexy and ride good on the street. they also got a forum so if u need help just post somethin up and someone from trail gear usually replies pretty fast. allpro and marlin also have similar products and are top notch. DONT go with skyjacker or procomp or anything like that.
thanks...out of all the companies, trail-gear had the most involved...sounds like they know their shit..

Ya they do. their customer service is by far the best in the business. you can ask those guys anything and they'll be happy to help you. get on their forum, if you havent already.
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