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04 Camry le
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i have the weathertech ones tinted
its not bad in my opinion
the clear ones aren't as clear as you think
i've seen them upclose and they appear to be slightly tinted or just have a dark appearance to them slightly at least. it's up to you though, they dont stick out as bad as avs or ventvisor more low profile
either way it'll still look good
by the way i drive gen 5 phantom gray with rear windows tinted
and tinted weathertech window visors
gen 6 tan no tints on the windows with clear weathertech window visors is in the family

'09 Camry SE V6
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legal limit is net 35% so they use a 43% hp charcoal to guarantee it passes mass inspection

They use the 43, 22, 13, and old car had 22 but ended up having to rip it off to get sticker cause mass got so strict all of a but i dont want to get it retinted every yr.
I guess it depends on what version or model/line of tint you get. I have Solargard and its 35%. But dont know what line it is but more than likely top of the line
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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