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lighting problem

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hey i have a 97 corolla
last night after i started the engine when i turned the dim lights on
the speedometer light dint turned on
its totally black out in there
plus the side panel lights
like all the lights tht are suppose to turn on when u turn dim light on doesnt turned on
n plus also the daytime light
which is always on is now off
what shud i do about it
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chkz 4 da bl0ne Fu2eS.
I took me five minutes to work out what you were saying lol..
the lights started working
now the only problem is the light which is suppose to be on
must be on your phone then..

Have you wired in any aftermarket stereo equipment etc etc.?
Could be loose wires or bad grounds? Check all connections sir.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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