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Hi all

My gf have a 2011 toyota matrix
As 87 000 km on it

Runs fine.

But few weeks ago in those 3 bottons in the middle of the dash the light went out!

Then last week on the first one it went out,,,she guive a little tap on it it cam back,,,,,

Now the light near stick shift,,the one showing patk etc wen out,,,she guive a little tap on plastic it came back!

What and where could be the probleme?

She love her matrix but hate not having those lights!

The. Iddle one never did came back,,,,,,i will chnage it,,its like 6$ ,,,but is there a how to place?

I did took the middle of the dash plate out. Then there that 3 button plate,,,,after that?

Thanks for all infos i could get
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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