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i’ve got a 1999 toyota avalon picked it up as a rebuilt title but you can’t even tell best part is 60,000 original miles!! but i’ve switched pretty much every single light in this car to a led, and i’ve got the ghost lights that show the simple on the ground anyways this morning i went to unlock it and the horn mad a very
very faint beep to tell it was unlocked i thought shit batteries dead, tried to turn it over twice not a thing not even the clicking. then tried it on the 3rd time
fired right now. ??‍♂ and when i looked it the horn made full normal sound. when i was driving home yesterday i did noticed like every single light in that bas**ard was flickering as i was driving down the road, anyone have any thoughts or similar problems?? ??? help eould
be greatly appreciated

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I think it's got two problems:

The flickering, check the battery ground cable on both ends for corrosion. People tend to overlook the end where it connects to the chassis. Remove that and scrub it clean if it looks dodgy.
...tried to turn it over twice not a thing not even the clicking. then tried it on the 3rd time
I think this is caused by the starter solenoid contacts being worn. You can either replace the starter, or get a kit and replace the contacts. It's not hard to do, and the kit costs a lot less than replacing the whole starter. And you get to keep the OEM starter, which is far better than the aftermarket crap.

If you get a kit, make sure it has the contacts and the plunger, like this pic below. Just search the web for "toyota starter rebuild kit". Here's just one I found on Amazon.
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