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Lights wont turn off...

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So my factory alarm went of this morning, and it kept going off for some reason....

Now for some reason, my corner lights, gauges, and tail lights are on even then the knob is turned to off, and they wont turn off. And now they are flickering....

This is VERY strange behavior for my car, I dont know what to do but I do know that this is going to KILL my battery. Has this happened to anyone before?

(Sidenote: Just recently installed Sylvania Silverstar Sealed Beam headlights, could that be a cause?)
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Maybe one of your door switch. That's why the alarm go off, thinking the door was opened.
Maybe, but that wouldnt account for the electronics acting up...
When I bought my MR2, a similar thing happens. When the car is on, the front parking lights, rear lights, and dash lights are always on, regardless of the position of the headlight switch. It turns off when the car is off though.

No headlights in the car yet.. that could be it, we'll see.
just a thought ... maybe check the rheostat? or the stalk switch?
Have you figured this out yet? I'm having the same problem on my 89 Toyota.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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