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Limited upgraded monitor

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Is the upgraded monitor worth it? The birds eye view etc for the limited model. Is this a dealer upgrade or does the car need to come with it from the factory?

thank you
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The others who actually have it can chime in on their opinion of it, but to answer the other question, it is a factory-installed option.

I have used the birds eye camera on a Camry and I find it useful when parking, particularly to see whether I’m in the lines or how far away I am from the curb.
I'm getting the XLE and the $1,000 upgrade in that model is not worth it as it only gives you navigation. But, if I was getting a Limited, I would pay the $1,000 to go from the 8" screen to the 12.3" screen. Lots of added value and features for the money. It has to come from the factory with the upgraded stereo.
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