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I'm looking for the link off of the blue x with a magnflow on it. My brother works with a guy in G.A who has an X and wanted to hear what it sounds like. If anyone can find it that would be great I searched streetfire with no luck.


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that was my truck
it doesnt seem to be on there now.
click on the link to my web page in the sig. and click the pictures and tehre are 2 vids of my truck...kinda give u an idea. I have dual exhaust with mganaflows but has pretty much the same tone
Vid 4 is the one you are gonna want. Thats the only vid when it was just the magnaflow 18"

the other 3 vids are with the Dual Exhaust
check out 1 called vtec baby for a good laugh
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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