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dragged it outta the garage the other day so i could turn it around and figured while i had it out i would go ahead and get some better pics of it.

heres a better side pic of how it is looking, i decided that i didnt like how the reverse roll bar was looking plus i noticed that my kids would probably end up hitting their heads on it so im redoing how i had it set up, i removed the bars going forward and im moving the remaining bar forward to right behind the seats, to give the protection and give me a good spot to put the seatbelts for the kids.

heres another side view

heres a little better pic of the floor of the walkthrough, yeah i know the carpet looks like crap!

heres the back of it

heres the front with the chevy astro front bumper, its doesnt look great but it looks a hell of a lot better than the 2x8 that was the front bumper when i got it!

heres 1 of the motor in still got more to do to it thats why the other pieces arent bolted in yet.

and lastly heres a pic of me and my boys, they really dont want me to sell the truck so im probably gonna keep it around.

as soon as i get the rear bar redone i will get some more pics up of the truck.
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