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little help for my camry plz

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whats goin on i got me a 86 yota camry with a 2selc motor with custom fabricated parts headers exauhst plus intake cams and pullys wanting to do engine swap to the 3sfe or the 3sgte and wanted to know if any one has done the same cause i know they offered the camry with the 3sfe motor in japan but not here and was wanting to know how the motor runs and over all power of the 2 motors
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are you real good with wiring and a wrench?
im alright im more knowledgeable on fabrication but i know my way around
3SFE was in gen2 camry's. Youll spend 10x more than the car is worth trying to shoehorn a 3SGTE in there.
so going with 3sfe would b a easyer route then?
goig with the 3sfe should i go 6 or 8 bolt flywheel
I would go eather way but the ecu and wiring will have to come from a gen2
where would you reccomend gettin ecu ebay, local parts warehouse, or manufacturer
neither one of them is a good idea. you realize the cheapest this has ever been done was in a gen2, and it still cost over $6k, just go buy a better car!
i already have the 2 donar cars spent 250 on them both engines both strong just the bodies are trashed. donars are a rav 4 and a celica turbo just wanted to see witch would be better to try
fix the body on the celica. cooler car and cheaper
major damage on the celica entire rear crushed and folded under car:sosad:
k, sell all three, then add the money with what youll have to spend to shoe horn a 3SGTE in there and buy an MR2/Celica turbo
How many miles on your Celica? The engine is probably worth FAR more than what you paid, if it's in any kind of decent running condition.
just head over to some of the celica forums and see if anyone wants to buy a parts car. easily get $1000 out of it, probably more.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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