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LM-1 permanent install

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Has anyone here permanently installed their LM-1. I have purchased the Blue DB A/F gauge and the RPM converter for the LM-1. So now I’m trying to figure out the wiring for the permanent install and getting no where fast. In the instructions from Innovate they want the unit to turn on when the switch is in the on position and also for it to shut off during starting and once started it to come back on. I know that the cig lighter will only energize when the switch is on and it will cut off when starting but it stays on even with the switch in the acc position. Will it hurt the wideband unit being on even if I just wanted to listen to the radio? Anyone got a suggestion on this? I have searched the forum on “LM-1” and got nothing. This is why I’m asking the question. Thanks for the info.:confused:
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Ok so I went back out and started to tinker and I figured it out. So here's what I did to permanently install my LM-1. Went to Radioshack and bought a inline mini fuse holder (2701237), a 30amp automotive 12volt relay (2750226), some spade connectors (6403131)and the crimp and plug connectors (6400036).

First I crawled under my truck and found the starter solenoid wire. It's the yellow w/green strip pictured here. I used on of the crimp and plug connectors and I then ran the 18awg wire into the cab through the rubber grommet that the fuse box wiring runs through. I put a female spade connector on this wire after inside the truck and connected it to the #85 terminal on the automotive relay.

I then located the blue wire w/yellow strip. This wire only has power when the switch is in the on position or cranking. I connected the inline mini fuse to it by striping back some of the wire and soldering them together.

I then took a 6" piece of 16awg wire that I had laying around and put spade connectors on each end. I then took and folded the wire in half and trimmed the insulation from the middle exposing the wire and soldered the inline mini fuse and this wire together as pictured below. This was so I could connect both terminals #30 and #86 to a switched 12volt source.

Last but not least the LM-1 connects to terminal #87. I grounded the LM-1 to the parking brake bolt underneath the dash.

Now it will only turn on when the key is in the on position and when I crank the truck it will cut off and then after starting it will turn back on just like the innovate manual recommends.

This is how I installed my LM-1 and is only for information purposes so I will not be held responsible for any damages that my happen during installation of your LM-1.
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