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lock pick

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The lock pick is finally available from coastal tech!!
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Help? I just checked the site (what a confusing site, by the way -- hard to navigate) and was unable to find the '08 Highlander pick. Can you post the URL? Thanks.
the 08 hl isnt listed but its basicly the same radio thats is the camry. they open at 10 est so im waiting to call and speak to some one.
Good luck getting them to answer the phone - not one of their strong points!
i just got off the phone with a tech from coastal and he said it wont work on the hl, they will be coming out with a newer version for the hl but as you know they cant tell us when.
sorry i jumped the gun.
I know what you mean im tired of waiting.
whatsa lock pick?
whatsa lock pick?
The answer to Toyota's dipshit lawyers.

Fixes everything Toyota decided you shouldn't do with the Nav system once you move the car!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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