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2012 Camry SE
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Finally feel like I've done enough mods do make a build thread.


Camry SE I4
Purchasing price: $21,830

LED Interior lights and license plate

Thread here:
Some idiot hit me

Post here:

5/28 Fixed the damage

Plasti dipped the wheels

Installed DMM HIDs 6000K

Tinted 5% /15%

@ Fresh Tintings, Reseda
18401 Vanowen St. # D Reseda, CA 91355

Plasti Dipped front eblem

Removed HID from fogs and put Nokya 7000K

Received Cover Craft sunshade made to fit the Camry

Post here:

Installed OEM auto-dimming mirror with Homelink

Thread here:

Installed 7000K Nokya in DRL/High Beams

Removed 6000K bulbs and put int 5000K (low beams)

6000K on the left, 5000K on the right

Foot well cathode lighting

LEDs in middle console

They only turn on when its open.

10mm LED found at radio shack.

Debadged and plasti dipped the back emblem black.

LED back up reverse lights.

Ebay seller xbrightsidex

Installed the Back Up Camera

Blacked out chrome fog light housing and chrome trim in the front

Installed Window Visors

Ebay User: watchage222

Installed Side Mirror Signals

I used the Aurion lights
The white light is a DRL and it turns off for the blinker to turn on
Find them through
Ebay User: MITAccessories1

Halo / " Angel Eyes" Installed
STI-R Clear lenses Installed
Squirrel Spotter Removed

Morimoto xbA Led 90mm Rings:
Better pictures coming.

Dash Cam Install

Painted the calipers red.



Things in the works in order of priority:
All projects held off ATM.
Retrofit foglights with TRS matchbox
DVD player front console

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2012 Camry SE I-4
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2012 Camry SE
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Nice to see someone else with an affinity for lighting mods! I've been looking forward to seeing the results of your "boosted" halo DRLs.
Great job with the lighting!!!! I have been wanting to add the foot well lighting and console light since I got the car, but I am just too damn lazy to do it.
:thanks:Thanks for the compliment guys. Yeah I love adding lighting to my cars. You won't see me adding a CAI or a new exhaust, partly because I have an i4, but lots of lighting upgrades.

I'm hoping to add projectors (retrofit) into the fogs and put HIDs in there and give it an extreme white onto the ground in front of me. It will be useless for fog, but I live in Southern California, we have fog maybe 3 days out of the year, so it'll just be for aesthetics

I just remembered I am getting illuminated door sills ( ebay, not OEM)
Hopefully those arrive this week.

I am almost in the midst of summer school and moving right now so probably no updates for the next week and a half =(

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My SE is very similiar to yours. The typical light mods and tints. Waiting to do my Backup camera. There just isn't enough info for me to do it yet, especially with my lack of knowledge.

I have 4300k hids in the headlights, and 2500k fogs. I like the look. 35% all around tint, mass legal. Interior LEDs and license plate as well.

Lemme know how your backup cam goes. I just can't piece the amount of info on the thread together to actually do it yet.

And the door sills. I'm curious to that as well.

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12 i4 Camry
41 Posts got your for under 22k? I had bought mine for 26k. Is Cali much cheaper?

Also i like how your hid look, looks aggressive at night!

Can you post pics of the debadged? Im thinking of doing it as well.

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2012 Camry SE
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Of course, ill be posting a DIY video for both. Hopefully the camera arrives this week as well as the door sills.

I plan on installing both next week.

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you replaced your high beam/drl & fog lights with the same bulb?

how come they look different? your fog lights have a purple tint. while your high beams don't have the purple tint.
I think you're looking at my low beams, those were 6000K HIds

8/9 LED back up reverse lights.
Ebay seller xbrightsidex


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I got my HID 4300K on my 2012 Camry SE but when I driving at night people keep flashing at me ...I did not cover the squirre spotter yet. So few days later I took them off the car and put the stock yellowish bulbs back on. I missed the HID light really ..I meant it.
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