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lockers ?

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:)My truck is a 88 with 22re
Ha I need some moor traction and don’t know a thing about lockers. I think the best wood be to do the front first sense it pulls the truck. Watts the cheapest way to go that works and does any won have a link that shows haw to do it. Thanks
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use google and spell check

Why do people thing the Internet is an excuse to communicate on a 1st grade level ?

If you want to learn "moor" about traction and lockers, at least be able to communicate in English.

Otherwise I suggest the automotive department at your local WalMart, they know everything.
By bad I’m about as dyslectic as they come and I fond stuff using Google but can’t tell watt the best whey to go was.
And my spell check just gives the closest word that I’m looking for
if my dad can use google, you can use google
Don't put a locker in the front - because it pulls the truck. It will pull it - as you say - but straight ahead.
I you do get one, put it in the rear.
Thank you DCM:thumbup:
As for Seandnw and Fourwd1 the truth is I figured any won in matcher enough to make fun of someone because they cant spell must have a reel lo self esteem and wood feel special if they cud answer a question. You cold always say sorry I don’t now watt the cheapest way that will still work good is. But hay if it makes u feel better give your self a gold star
Any time. As for Seandnw and Fourwd1, they have good stuff in their posts (usually, but I haven't read them all).
Just bear with the snide remarks and learn what you can here, there's a lot of good info on the site.
I got nothing in the ass of my 83. I even have the spare tied to the cab. Tailgate's off. Fucking rust ate half the bed anyway, I can lift the bitch. But the rear is welded, which makes me in need of two tires every year and a half. I was carrying a lockable utility topper, and I leave shitties everywhere. IT isn't a bad way to go, even if it's your dd like mine. I'll keep it in two through the snow but even when it's bad, and I am in four, the truck stops nowhere I don't want it to. Cheap and easy, weld it.
Thanks I like the sound of that. Someone sed to do that when I first bought the truck. I tend to carry a fair bit of what from time to time (1/2 yard off rock lots of wood); would that be unbelievably hard to turn or cud I do it I cant seem to find any info on watt part to weld
if you're going the "cheaper" route, I would go with a detroit in the rear if you drive it on the street sometimes/offroad sometimes...or just a spool in the rear if the rig is offroad only...

for the front, either leave it open or throw in an aussie locker, or something of that grade.

detroit isn't the "cheapest" but its one of the better ones if you plan on doing both on and offroad driving. it ratchets around corners so the rearend can still kind of act like its open.

just search around the forums and use google, check out, and and you'll find lots of stuff regarding lockers; who thinks what is best, the cheapest, most reliable, etc etc..

its all out there.
The Detroit EZ locker only seems to be about $100 moor and as much people say the Aussie would be do the trick the Detroit seems far superior; so won I get the time I’ll throw won of them in the rear.
Thanks for the help
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