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Hello all, my name is Jack, I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and work for a technology company. I currently own a '93 Paseo; before that I had a '91 Supra Turbo & a '92 Paseo. I do all my own work on my cars and Toyota Nation has always been a valuable source of information for me.

I bought the '93 Paseo about a year and a half ago. The exterior needed some work (broken tail light, cracked sunroof glass), but it had only 79k miles, not bad considering it's a 17 year old car. Plus, for $800, it would pay for itself pretty quickly in fuel savings (I was daily-driving 60+ miles a day in a Chevy Avalanche).

I'm not by any means a mechanic but I've learned a few things over the years with Toyotas, hopefully I can contribute back to TN as much as it's helped me. :)

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