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Long time no post! 56k go take a ride..

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Hi oldies and newbies!

site still looks great keep it up !

and oh yes i've been busy on the echo!

here some pics...

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is that a canada only thing right there...i havent seen that in the states
yeah, that echo hatch is a canada only thing. stateside we got the boring one that they are discontinuing. i wish we got the hatch.
Lookin sharp 'maniac :cool: Ever consider color matching your rear mud flap?
That is so tight!
its so cute.......sorry...i couldn't resist......:D

yeah i'm gona paint the mud flaps... to many things to do for now ...:p:

here is the set up for now...

Konig Holes
Toyo Proxes T1S 195/50/15

Tein Ha ajustable bound/rebound/height ajustable coilovers 2inches drop
set at 6 in front and 4 in rear
4kg spring rate front
2.9 kg rear

scion Xb strut bar(bolt on by the way)

aem cai (dealer option)

axle back 2¼ inches pipe with magnaflow muffler /gibson tip

fog lights 50$ at WM

White line sway bar on hold for now need to modifie exaust to fit sway bar...:disappoin

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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