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Look for Rod Millen Front lip

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i brought a rod millen front lip for my 1996 toyota camry at 3 year ago. Now that my car has got into serveral have damage my front bumper and cause the lip to tear. I just got done repairing the front bumper and was going to order another front lip..but when i got to their website (, they dont carry or sell it anymore.

Just wondering if u guys know of any other website or dealership that sell rod millen products which i can order the front lip from.

Also for those of u who own 95-96 camry with rod millen front lip..did u guys brought it from where i brought mine or from somewhere else.

any help or info

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You should try emailing them.
just give them a call - they still have them

my buddy called up the other day :)
I called up there last week and they still had some in stock for the Gen 3 and the 3.5.... They cost $215+shipping
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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