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looked for a Tacoma and found the Tundra

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Hey guys, just thought Id mention my plans for the 09 Tacoma TRD fell through. Just arent makin the big bucks yet to afford that brand new vehicle. But I found an amazing 06 Tundra double cab XSP instead with only 33k miles. Was able to talk em down to 18.5k! Im very impressed with the truck, the 4.7 is very nice and provides plenty of power to push yourself back into the seat. So goodbye and thanks for the advice, I guess Ill be posting in the Tundra forum from now on.:chug:
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respect v8

nice ride. I think you'll be happy as long as it's been well cared for . It's a buyer's market that's for sure.
I like that. I was just saying today how I like the previous gen Tundra's.
ya for sure, the owner before me was leasing it so it has low miles, plus i got a 100k mile warranty bumper 2 bumper, it looks like a brand new truck interior and exterior. i defintely like this body stlye compared to the new ones
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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