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I was looking around at some used cars today and I saw a 1993 Paseo for around $2000. i didn't test drive it or get to ask and questions since the person seemed to not be around, so i thought i would ask aound here. Are they any good? and major flaws that i should know about? wide verity of aftermarket parts? I ask this cause i am looking forward to getting my own car and modifiing it since i can't really do much with the Matrix...I would like to but my dad doesn't want me to since it is his car and all :p:
I ahvn't really seen many of these cars on the road, thats why it sparked my intrest.
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There are quite a few mods that can be done and the most important mod for spanking the local 4.6 or 5.slow mustang is a 4E-FTE swap. They're not bad cars at all....if taken care of. Some parts off of certain model tercels will fit and vice-versa so your not limited by vehicle model if some replacement parts are needed. There is a wealth of info about these cars on paseopimp and, hope this helps.
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