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Looking for 93-97 front lip/chin-spoiler

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I've had this up in the want to buy forum for a while, but no one has responded. So I'm asking you guys here, any idea where I could get one? I've seen a few pics of the front lip on the internet in places like cardomain, but I've never found where to buy one.

That's how it looks. I know that's not exactly a North American Corolla (different grille in front bumper), but it should still fit because the shape of the bumper is the same.
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thanks... looks promising. any idea how soon it'll be available?
he just started experimenting this week, so he's guaging interest to see if he should make more than one. i see you've joined CC, nice to see you over there :cool: just IM him & see what he says, he's also here on TN :thumbup:
Aright cool. Yea I've had my CC account for a while, even before my TN account, just never posted anything there. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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