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1989 Toyota Hilux RWD 4Cyl Names Babe
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I'm new to the forum community but I need your collective help, I've been scouring through the internet for 3 days now trying to find a Billet grille for my Pickup, I'm not looking for the Ghost grills or something of that sort I'm just looking for an Upper grill replacement or clip-in.
Standard Cab, 4 Cyl, RWD.
My dad and I restored it after it was parked for 12 years and I think the OEM grill doesn't do it justice. She needs a cleaner look up front, the chrome would look great with the Chrome bumper but a Black grill wouldn't be bad either.
If anyone has any links they can plug here it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help,
Mourne and Babe (the truck)
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