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Hi there,

I'm new to 4runners, but am hoping to get one. Right now I'm looking at a 1996 Limited with 250,000 km (i'm in Canada). Over all the vehicle is obviously in great shape and drove super nice -- no issues from what I could tell. Had it inspected by a mechanic who said that given the year and mileage it was in pretty good shape, but there were a few issues:
  • Biggest issue was the steering rack was leaking P/S fluid. He seemed to say that it could drive for a while and be fine, or might not so it would be work fixing. I'm not too mechanically inclined myself, so I would get it done in a shop. This mechanic estimated between $1000-1500 for the parts and labor. Seller stated that this was a very common problem and that it could go for another 100,000km probably. What are thoughts on this?
  • Right rear park break mechanism was seizing. Mechanic seemed to think this wasn't a big deal, probably just needed some cleaning.
  • other than that ti was small things.
My biggest concern is the steering rack. from a little research it definitely seems like a common problem, but not necessarily one that I can ignore.

I don't plan on "wheeling" it super hard, but am buying to handle some rough forestry roads.

The CL post has been taken down since he knows that I am very interested.

Thanks in advance!
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