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Looking for rims/site

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I'm trying to find a site where you can view rims on a vehicle before you buy them. I've found one before, but I can't remember it now. I just tried American Racing, but They only showed theirs. The one I found before showed many brands, Konig, ARR, ect.

I did try to search for an existing thread, but kept timing out. Sorry.
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try searching for wheels soft. that is the product with all the wheels. or try tire rack website
Try the show your truck post at the top? They have almost everyone here on TN!
You can also surf to see hundreds of truck with different set ups! Great place to get ideas to spend your money!!LOL!!:lol:
Here's the link:
Thanks guys. I just had to use the 06 model instead of the 07 model on the site.

Got a few ideas, now to get the cash!!

EDIT: Scratch that. I don't want no damn 20's! WTF!! No one makes 6 lug, 16" or 18", black rims???
american racing makes 4 or 5 styles black i can think of. the fuel the chamber the crush the mojave and last but not least the victor. not to mention 4 new styles coming out febuary.
I'll have to check back there than. I'm supposed to be studying for a State exam to get my life insurance license, but I'm looking for black rims for a truck I haven't purchased yet instead.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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