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Looking Mr2

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Im in the Seattle area. Im really looking for a clean 90-93 turbo, maual Mr2. When test driving what should I be watching for. What are the main things needign to be replaced typically? Ive been doing some research but really looking for some answers from people who own them. Whats a reasonable price to pay? Would it be worth it to buy a shell and have a shop put a motor in for me? Are there many places to buy a motor from, and how much would a turbo motor and tranny cost on average? Would it be smarter to buy one that needs a rebuild for cheap, or just look for one thats clean and pay a higher price. I want to spend no more then 7k for the car, not including mods, or maintanence. Any help finding one, or tips would be greatly apperciated. A local small dealership has them in from time to time, but there usually modded and I would like to that part myself.
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ok this is gonna take a while... should have a lot of info about the test drive. and what to look for...

All turbo models came standard with a manual transmission.

Typical replacements should only as minimal as iol change, spark plugs, cap, rotor, engine coolant, basically all fluids, and electrical... (ignition).

Reasonable price to pay for a turbo mr2 1991 is 5,500.00 - 8,000.00
Reasonable price to pay for a 1993 is 6,500.00 - 8,500.00

It might be worth buying an mr-2 as a shell and placing a motor tranny and ecu in it, but only if u know enough about cars to tell what other problems the car might have if it were in running condition...(mechanically inclined). ut I would highly recommend a cheaper car that runs but smokes and needs a new engine... u can purchase a 1993 motor tranny and ecu from purchase the rear clip of the car and get the motor tranny and ecu for $2750 + shipping. Plus the cost of installation, so probably aroung 4,000.00

This is a wise choice seeing as u might be able to pick up an mr2 that needs a new engine for 4,000.00 - 5,000.00. All total being 8 - 9,000.00 with a new motor ecu and tranny... the whole drivetrain is new there!!! Not to mention that u get the wheels, spoiler, rotors,
pads, trunk liner, intercooler, engine components, an extra ecu, deck lid, engine lid, and so on and so on...

I am not too sure how much a rebuild costs.... but in all effectiveness, I would reccomend buying the rear clip honestly... Chico Race works is a very reputable company, and the main sponsor for Jeff Fazio... Who is also on this message board.

As far as your 7K is concerned, it is definately possible to find this car in your price range no matter what you do, But Auto trader is a great place to start...Gives you an idea of what you are looking into. You can definately find a handsom find for the kind of money you are talking about spending. And thats a perfectly running car.. with probably like 115 to 120 k miles on it. For example, I just purchased my car like 1 month and a week ago, and I am fairly knowledgable when it comes to mr-2's, Granted I flew to Wisconsin to purchase the car from Florida, but the bounty was well worth it... I have a 1993 turbo Mr-2 with an engine, tranny and ecu from a 1993 turbo clip from japan. And I could not be happier unless it had just rolled off the showroom floor. Good luck man, and next time, split up the questions would ya... Whew!!!!!!

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thanks for all the help. i did put alot of questions out there. thanks for the links!
i'd beat the shit outta it when test driving... and get underneath it... most people get on the ground and try to see under and thinks thats fine... honestly you can't see shit worth considering w/o jacking it up or putting it on a lift
getting on the ground.

Getting on the ground is only good to see if the frame was restretched, with a puller... I always recommend taking the car to your local toyota dealership and spending the 300.00 to het it checked out.... it's worth it every time. Especially if u are not mechanically inclined.
$5500 bottom starting point for that for a beat up one with lots of miles. how about a 91 with 148k miles, all stock 8/10 overall, no major bodywork needed and paint is still good.
samysam said:
$5500 bottom starting point for that for a beat up one with lots of miles. how about a 91 with 148k miles, all stock 8/10 overall, no major bodywork needed and paint is still good.
high mileage, and a little worn, but well within repair.
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