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Hello All!
I'm new to the forum and possibly future owner of a first gen Sequoia. I'm looking to buy a 2002 Sequoia SR5 with 250k on it. It's fairly good condition for the year and mileage, runs and drives fine, some rusting on rockers, side steps need to be rewelded, but new frame on it, it also needs some exhaust work. None of that is a concern for me. What concerns me is that, there's a small leak from a transfer case up front, who knows how long it was leaking. when you switch gears from P to R to D then back to R tranny kicks, not too hard but noticeable and you hear noise of it engaging gear. Also 4WD makes quite a noise when you actuate it on then off. The question is it something of concer or normal for high mileage sequoia? I have never owned any Toyota product nor I was planning on too but sequoia really would suite my needs of the vehicle, and best of all the price is right for me, but my plan is on keeping for a while, and tranny/4wd kicking is really raising a red flag for me. Also forgot to mention, it does need timing belt replaced, it's due for it. And Carfax is very clean, two owners and lots of service records, that's how I know timing belt is due.
Thank You all in advance, can't wait for your responses!
Good Day to all!

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Unless you could afford a transmission replacement, I would look elsewhere. It like just needs a transmission fluid change, filter, and cooler installed, but it's likely not worth the risk.

As for the leak, without pictures, it will be hard to say for sure. The transfer case and transmission aren't too hard to remove if needed, but add that to an expensive timing belt job, and the price isn't so good.

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