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Hi all
We need to replace our Mini Cooper with a larger car since it's getting too tight for the kid in the back seat. We have looked at Prius Prime online and it seems like a nice option for us. Same 4 seats, more cargo, better fuel economy, some of the modern tech safety systems.

Anyone owns a Prime and could share some feedback?

I have a few concerns:
- cost of 240v charger

- maintenance schedule (I hope there will be much larger intervals between service and that it would be inexpensive)

- toyota charging network

- infotainment screen - dimming at night and can it be turned off so there is no big LCD lighting up the car inside and distracting the driver?

- Can lane departure and other alarms be turned off and do they chime in if you change lanes intentionally?

- map/navi requires cell wireless connection to download maps or maps stored in car? What if you are in the mountains without cell signal? (my understanding is that car uses GPRS or similar cell data service and that's how remove AC/heater control is done.

- noise levels while driving - it's a light car with super light materials, so how quiet is it when engine is running?

Thanks all!

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I think a lot of those you will have to figure out with a test drive, and get to know the car - talk to the salesman and have them go through these questions.

As for the charger - you will want to check 2017 taxes.... but in the past the cost of an at-home vehicle charging station (and/or install of the system) is tax deductible. 220v isn't tough to work with, but if you aren't comfortable with anything electrical, you will want to hire it out.

At least the 2017 looks a tiny bit better than a 2016..... not much, though.

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We've had one since early December and have 8100+ miles on ours.

We're EXCEPTIONALLY happy with our new Prius Prime. We charge it overnights with 110V AC (there's an outlet conveniently on the corner of our house) and don't feel the need to do any fancy stuff to install a 220V station. The vast number of trips we make in and around town are less than 26 miles and are thus all-electric, and the gas mileage on long trips is just amazing (60+).

Maintenance intervals are long, because the car has synthetic oil in it.

The big screen dims at night and the mapping info is great for the big picture stuff. We still use our smartphones for actual navigation (our of preference and habit.) All the maps are stored ion the car and in urban areas you get traffic information from a subcarrier of the HD radio system.

The heads up display of speed and power in the windshield is really a treat.

You can turn off or on the lane departure stuff. We keep it on on long freeway drives. The blind spot alerts are great, and the car is super-reat at detecting cars zipping behind you in parking lots and at the end of driveways.

It's noticably quieter driving all-electric, but the engine running sound is about like Priuses from previous years. The tires make a big difference. We'll probably get Michelins to replace the stock tires as soon as they wear down.
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