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Looking to buy 87' opinions--

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Looking at 87' pickup, auto, 4 cylinder, 112k miles, 1 owner locally
sounds great but asking price is above 3k.. good deal?? Looks like it has been kept up really well, never been up north..Decisions..
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The mileage is low for the year (if it's accurate), but have you checked to see what they go for in your area? Prices vary greatly across the US.

And is it 2WD or 4WD? Makes a difference.

But $3K for a 23 yr old truck? Sounds waay too much to me.

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it is a 2wd and yes that is too much but I would not pay that much..
But it is a sharp little pickup.

I am leaning towards a 4x4 now..just have to find one that is not beat to hell and back.
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